A fun lesson in social networking

Demetri Martin: Trendspotting
This is really super funny: In Jon Stewart’s ” Daily Show “, Demetri Martin (see photo, the man with the Mireille Mathieu hairstyle) has a section called trendspotting: Always on the hunt for new trends, this time it’s about “Social Networking”. If you have 6 minutes and 12 seconds left, want to have a great time and also want to find out how Demetri manages to maintain 9,000 friendships online, watch the video on Google Video .

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The “Daily Show” puts all videos online after they have been broadcast, especially those from Demetri Martin . If you missed
the link at the top right of the Google video page , you can find it here: Demetri’s MySpace page with the song “I got 9000 friends”.
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