Connected: A Declaration of Interdependence

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Ich glaube, auf diesen Film wird man sich freuen dürfen: «Connected – A Declaration of Interdependence»:

Combining powerful visuals, humor, animation, irony, and serious messages, Connected explores the visible and invisible connections between the major issues of our time — the environment, population growth, technology, human rights, and the global economy demonstrating how they are all facets of one larger picture. Following the filmmakers exploration of her own place in the world during a transformative set of circumstance in her life, Connected exposes the importance of personal connectedness in relation to understanding global conditions, ultimately showing how all of humanity is invested in todays crucial issues. More than a film about social issues, it is a work that speaks directly to empathy, social engagement, and what it means to be human in the 21st century. It reveals how the interdependence of people and forces lies at the core of our existence, and imagines what the world would look like if we lived in a way that acknowledged this reality.

2011 soll das Filmprojekt der Regisseurin und Webby Awards-Gründerin Tiffany Shlain (@tiffanyshlain) fertiggestellt sein. Alle Infos und weitere Links zu «Connected» auf:

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